Our Story

Every single day we get asked what in the world is Flawless Whipz. Well, here is the story that is pretty remarkable for two MS boys!

Custom Printing was founded in 2006 by Chris Collins to offer screen print and embroidery to the little town of Grenada, MS. For years he added vendor after vendor and learned the ways of the business by adding machines and employees to be able to make the best products at the most affordable prices. In the meantime, Justin Bloodworth was making Instagram pages, building trucks and getting into the truck scene with Flawless Whipz .While getting into Online sales at the same time, Collins was also getting into the Motorcycle world with Flawless Concepts along with Can't Hide Money. After growing his page to 30k followers, Justin decided it was time to make a few hats to promote his page. He quickly realized there was a huge demand for Whipz apparel and asked for help. At that point the two Flawless' came together and the world changed for everyone in the truck industry! In a little over two years, Flawless has moved into a new beautiful building, amassed over 100k followers on that Instagram Page, and have shipped to almost every state in the country! We have been humbled time after time by your support and we still have a hard time going all over the country and seeing our little brand as big as it is. But make no mistake about it, our story is just beginning. If you would like to come see us, stop by our 10k square feet Retail Store (CUSTOM CONCEPTS) or catch us at a Truck Show near you! Until then, shop with our secure online site from the comfort of your home! Never forget you're the reason we push and push the envelope on design and new gear as we know you will respond!

And to answer that first question!!

A Flawless Whipz is a sweet custom ride that the owner worked his tail off to create. In their eyes and ours its Flawless!